' Bitcoin ' decision from the largest in the world

The technology exchange, which is recognized by the world and the largest stock exchanges in the United States, confirmed that the NASDAQ plans to initiate Bitcoin futures in the first months of 2019.

The British Daily Express wrote that the Nasdaq technology pipeline in New York, USA, confirms that it will initiate Bitcoin futures in the first months of next year. Joseph Christinat, vice president of the media team on NASDAQ, made a statement confirming the news earlier leaked.

In an interview with Christinat, Nasdaq stated that they have been observing crypto coins for years and are working intensively in 2018 about Bitcoin products.

Christinat said:  "We've spent a lot of money and energy to do this, we've been working on it for a long time. The fact that the markets are involved will not change our schedule in any way. We do it no matter what.  "

The media spokesman did not make a statement about whether or not the Bitcoin futures contracts that Nasdaq will initiate will be cash-paid or physical.

Nasdaq announced that it would first initiate Bitcoin futures by mid-2018 in November 2017. But shortly thereafter, it was announced that the presentation was postponed to create a better offer.